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HostVesta's mission is to allow new startups and developers a hassle-free way of deploying their online presence. HostVesta is run by tech enthusiasts who love building and innovating stuff. We love to give back to the community by offering free hosting, particularly to people learning web technologies as well as new startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will HostVesta Shared hosting be free? Q. Do you guarantee any uptime?
We will always provide free hosting to all legitimate users with legitimate use. If you do not have a legitimate use, do not bother applying. We guarantee 99.9% uptime. Our servers are powered by RAID10 solutions and have the most advanced hardware systems compared to that of our competitors.
Q. Do you have instant activation? Q. How do you tackle service abuse?
No! We manually screen orders/accounts. Activation times can range from a few minutes to few hours (average 1 hour activation). Firstly, our manual activation helps cut down most of the bag eggs. We have also disabled mail/phpmail to prevent bulk/spam emails from being sent.